Our Leadership Team

Welcome to our Leadership Team Page.  Below you will find our team leaders who have hit a rank of “2 Star Golden Circle” or higher.  The rank of 2 Star means that they have the earning potential of $56,160 – $112,320 a year.  The more “Stars” the higher their earning potential grows!  The best part about Isagenix’s compensation plan is there is NO earning limit. These ladies are the leaders of our team.  Take your time to read a little bit about each person.  They all come from different walks of life and found Isagenix for various reasons.

Lisa Cohen

2 Star Golden Circle
3 Star Executive

As a clinical Dietitian, wife and mother of 3 boys I was already busy and not sure what I was looking for.  However, I was run down and fatigued and both my husband and I had work related stress. I was secretly wishing for something different that I could do while being home raising my boys. When introduced to Isagenix in the summer of 2011, I was skeptical at first, but the timing was right for me. After seeing and feeling the results of the products, I knew that I had to tell people about it. Initially, my body leaned out and I lost 12 pounds, my daily energy increased , and I felt better than I had at the gym in years. My closest friends and family started to notice how happy I was and my personal trainer, impressed with my results, immediately jumped on the products too. Now, after 6 years, I continue to have the ability to help so many more people than was ever possible in my previous career. I get to invite our growing team to dream with me because Network Marketing provides a unique business.  I have always had a passion for helping people improve their health. Now, I can also help Moms, be home with their kids and grow a significant income helping them to achieve ALL kinds of goals.  My teammates get to create what they want, when they want and without any limits. This is the BEST part of  the journey!

Jen Rothbart

5 Star Golden Circle
5 Star Executive

Before Isagenix I was a stressed out extremely fatigued Mom who was that hamster on a wheel.  Thinking I was doing everything right but getting nowhere with my health goals nor my financial goals.  I was introduced to Isagenix by my dear friend Lisa Cohen and thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Well,  I gained much more than I could EVER IMAGINE!  I feel the BEST I have ever felt in my life and now can control my health and weight goals which is incredible!  But what I also gained is a sense of purpose because I am surrounded by a culture and community that shows people how to live their BEST LIFE!  In just 5.5 years to be making a multiple 6 figure income working part time from home so I can be there for my children has been such an amazing gift beyond words!  It has let me take that financial burden off our family to pay for the “extras” that always popped up.  Having a child with an undiagnosed Genetic condition, Isagenix has also given me the FREEDOM in allowing me to also spend hours traveling to various doctors, hospitals and therapies and get him the help and services he desperately needs.  Not having to worry about taking time off of work and where that “extra” money was going to from when there was something he needed was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! And I am now creating a legacy for my children and the generations to follow and showing them what it is like to also impact thousands of people and the rewards that come with it!  I love nothing more then to show other people who are open that if I can do this…just a stressed out tired Mom looking for a better life, they can too!

Laura Cohen

4 Star Golden Circle
2 Star Executive

Prior to Isagenix, I felt empty inside.  The funny thing was I did not realize it because I did not know  there was another way.  I was blessed with 2 healthy daughters and a loving spouse.  I was fortunate enough to be at home raising my girls.  But the truth was I was looking for more.  I was unfulfilled.   As a dietitian, I knew what to eat to stay healthy but truthfully I often felt I was running on fumes.  I started Crossfit and it quickly became apparent that I had to start fueling my body better to perform at that level of intense fitness.  Crossfit has a way of showing off your “weaknesses” and I had quite a few….and I do not mean athleticism.  I just could not find my way.  I was searching for more.  Once I got the products in my body, I felt lit up!  It was the craziest thing!  I had boundless energy and put on 10 pounds of lean muscle mass…. which on my frame is 10% of my entire body weight.  That is unheard of.  I look and feel younger and healthier at 46 then I have ever felt in my life.  As a result, I am the best version of myself for my teenage girls, husband and over 4000 of my clients.  I found a vehicle to finally assist people with their health goals, which has ALWAYS been my mission, and now I get the privilege to earn a 6 figure income doing it…..all while I am home with my family.  Who would have thought from trying a shake??  I believe that everyone deserves to be fulfilled every single day…not only physically but emotionally and financially

Kim Aliprantis

4 Star Golden Circle
2 Star Crystal Executive

Before Isagenix I was a tired, stressed out NYC attorney who became ill with a digestive disease that took me from my career. I clawed my way back to health and staying there became my number one priority. I was fortunate to be blessed with two healthy daughters, but as the years passed I felt more and more isolated. I also still suffered with daily symptoms and was now a tired, stressed out stay at home mom.     A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Isagenix by Laura Cohen. The products seemed to “turn the lights on” in my body. I lost weight, gained muscle, and felt boundless energy. My good friend Linda and my Dad saw the changes in me and jumped in. I felt intense pride earning that first $300 for helping people I loved get healthy. I took a hard look at this opportunity and loved everything I learned about the company.  I hit the ground running with Isagenix in the summer of 2015 and now earn a six-figure annual income from home. As the #5 growing business worldwide in Isagenix, I was awarded the prestigious “President’s Quest 2017,” a once-in-a-lifetime trip to London with the Isagenix Founders, Jim and Kathy Coover. These achievements represent thousands of lives being changed by our team. It is my mission to help people passionately pursue and ultimately realize optimal health and financial success.


Wendy Scheman

3 Star Golden Circle
1 Star Crystal Executive

Before Isagenix, I was eating healthy and exercising like crazy, but I was still slowly putting on weight and tired all the time. I thought it was because I was in my mid 40’s and that is just what happens as you get older. Luckily, my friend, Jen Rothbart, told me about Isagenix, and I learned that I did not have to gain weight and feel tired just because I was getting older. Now, I’m 50 years old, and I have been maintaining my weight for 4 years, without feeling like I’m on a diet. I have energy all day long. I still work out, but less than I used to. I actually eat more now, too, and I look and feel so much better. It is such a gift to be able to live my life, indulge at times, and not have to worry about what I’m eating or feel like I’m always on a diet. I’m passionate about helping other people feel their best, too, and that is how we grow our team! By doing this, I earn a significant income from Isagenix, and I teach others to do that, too, if they are interested. We are impacting lives, freeing people from physical and financial pain. Everything about Isagenix is better than I could have imagined.

Linda Chondrogiannis

2 Star Golden Circle
1 Star Crystal Executive

Before Isagenix I was struggling with low energy, stomach issues and the extra pounds that kept piling on each year. As a busy mom of two, I thought it was just the way life is and would continue to be. So when a good friend, Kim, approached me to try the Isagenix system, I trusted her to jump in right away, but thought it would be a quick fix like the other ‘diets’ I had tried in the past.
Was I wrong! Since starting Isagenix in August of 2015, I feel energized, my sleep is so much better, I lost more weight than I thought possible, my stomach issue subsided, lean muscle is building. I feel amazing and don’t remember the last time I felt like this. I now work out regularly because I want to and even completed my first Spartan Race, something I would never have considered doing before. My love for how this system has improved my health, has given me the privilage to coach the health transformations of strangers who have become friends and friends who are now like family. Isagenix has given me a purpose again, helping to impact lives and contributing financially to my family, something I am so grateful for. I am committed to helping others improve not just their health but also their financial blueprint. If I can do this, any one who is open to this unlimited opportunity can.

Jill Gordon

2 Star Golden Circle

Before Isagenix I was struggling with energy and health challenges and I was unfulfilled with my job as a registered dietitian trying to get people healthy. I had gone back to school later in life as an adult learner to become an RD as I was DESPERATELY looking for meaning and purpose in a career. To my disappointment, after several years of rigorous school and completing my degree, my clinical inpatient job at a hospital was unfulfilling and left me feeling defeated each day. I was introduced to Isagenix by a good friend Jennifer Rothbart and I was completely NOT OPEN and skeptical about both the products and the network marketing opportunity. Feeling stuck myself with my own health challenges and being intrigued by the cutting edge nutritional technology I very RELUCTANTLY decided to give the products a try. 5 plus years later, these products have been part of my daily lifestyle and I don’t go a day without putting them in my body. I feel better at 48 than I did at 28, leaner, stronger, more energetic, and empowered to control my health. I am the best version of myself today and have definitely reversed the clock. None of us have to settle for feeling less than optimal. We all deserve to walk through life in a healthy body. What I did not expect was the massive impact that I could have on others by the vehicle of network marketing and the partnership with one of the most positive, inspirational, communities I have ever seen. Together we could share this gift and impact thousands around the globe. I now have such clarity and purpose in my mission to help others truly become their best selves

Kerrie Casey

2 Star Golden Circle

Before Isagenix I was low on energy and living in a body that I was not comfortable in. Although I worked out regularly, I was not seeing or feeling the results that I hoped for. I was defeated. I heard about Isagenix from my friend, Angi. She had experience amazing results over the holidays and that impressed me. So, I figured I would give it a try. I enrolled with Isagenix on January 19, 2016 and I haven’t looked back! Since Isagenix, I am healthier than I’ve ever been, I have more energy than I ever imagined I could have, I am at a weight and clothing size that I never dreamed I would see again. I feel phenomenal and my workouts at the gym are better than ever. I feel younger in my 40’s than I did in my 20’s. I feel unstoppable!! I am determined to continue on sharing this gift. I am blessed to have witnessed many of my family and friends get to the healthiest point in their lives because they are using Isagenix. And most importantly, my boys, Brian (12) and JP (9) also use many of these products. I just LOVE seeing them put this amazing nutrition in their bodies! On top of all this, I am forever grateful for the income that Isagenix has provided me and my family. It has gotten my family out of debt, paid for vacations, music lessons and sports camps. I know it is going to provide my family with so much more in the years ahead! So, what are you waiting for? Now is my time and it can be your time too!!

Angi MacDonnell

2 Star Golden Circle
1 Star Crystal Executive

Before Isagenix I was an overweight, overwhelmed, serial dieter. In my 20’s and 30’s I used exercise to maintain my weight and make up for overeating. Three children and two part time jobs later I could no longer lose weight by over exercising. I was 25-30lbs overweight when Kim Aliprantis told me about Isagenix. My goal was to run a marathon. After a bumpy start I began to see results. One year after starting Isagenix I lost 30 lbs and finished my fourth marathon at forty years old faster than two marathons I ran in my twenties. Friends started to ask what I was doing and in a short amount of time I have been able to build a full time income working part time from home. I have been able to leave the jobs that weren’t serving me to pursue my passion coaching men and women to take control of their lives physically and financially.

Jill Parker

2 Star Golden Circle
Crystal Executive

Before Isagenix, I was puffy, tired and addicted to having 2 cups of coffee before starting my day. I heard about this program from a good friend but she did not know much about it. Since I am a HUGE skeptic, I needed to conduct a lot of research before starting the program. Once I decided to try it, I noticed a difference in my body within 5 days!! Additionally, I am a Certified Health Coach and while building my practice, I was in search of a nutrition based solution for my clients. I spoke to several registered dietitians and professionals within the ingredient business about Isagenix and they all thought it was a fantastic scientifically backed program.


The incredible quality of these systems and products, the core values and integrity of the company, and the commitment from our corporate team, continues to impresses me everyday! My mission is to reach as many people as possible because everyone deserves to achieve optimal health and feel their best!